YTV was an upcoming Robloxian children's television channel owned by Lava Lamp Entertainment which was set to launch in 2018. It was based on its Canadian namesake and was set to compete primarily with rTV3. The channel was closed on July 4, 2018 due to technical reasons.

History Edit

After rTV3 launched on June 3, 2017, Lava Lamp's Cartoon Everything experienced a sharp decline in ratings, and CEO WeepinnWillow decided to launch a new channel to more directly compete with rTV3, as Cartoon Everything was limited in its remit. Lava Lamp would quickly acquire over 30 shows for the YTV launch lineup. The channel was officially announced at the Summer 2017 edition of RTNG MediaCon, along with several other LLE channels.

Though the channel started out strong, the 2018 Robloxian television transition may have indirectly killed it, as the limitations of Viloud (the platform many companies planned to migrate their IRL-content channels to) meant that Lava Lamp could not run YTV efficiently as they had anticipated; on July 4, 2018, Lava Lamp abruptly shut the channel down just weeks shy of its one year anniversary. The rights to the programming acquired for it have been kept by Lava Lamp, and some of the channel's cartoon programming is planned to be carried over to sister channel Cartoon Everything.