Working Life is a show which airs on TRN. It documents the story of life in the TamatedRNetworks offices, and features real TRN employees.


Working Life is a show based in the office of TRN, featuring real TRN employees. Its first run started in 2010, and ended in 2011. The revival of the show was set to air on Saturdays after the July 2013 relaunch of the network, but did not come to fruition at that time. In its first run, it was one of the most successful shows on TRN. Its 3 epsiodes on YouTube racked up almost 3,000 views.

Planned revivalEdit

The show's revival was set to start production in late August or early September 2013. TamatedRNetworks closed on October 20, 2013, which left the program's future undetermined until December 28, 2013, when the show's rights were picked up by Open Jar Productions. TRN re-opened on January 29, 2014, at which point the rights returned to TRN.