Wheel of Fortune is a ROBLOX game show, which is filmed at alexnewtron's ROBLOX Wheel of Fortune facility. It is a free-to-air show/game, however at the moment, it is only broadcast by AAK Network .

About Edit

In Wheel of Fortune, there are 2-3 contestants who go on a journey solving puzzles, and spinning, what is- the Wheel of Fortune! Go bankrupt, gain $900, gain $5000! Win $100,000 in a bonus prize! The possibilities are endless!

Join entertaining host ejob, as we look and see which player wins, and who loses.

Reception Edit

The idea to record games of Wheel and Fortune, for the sake of entertainment, was made by AwesomeAlexK of AAK Network and put to life. AAK Network recently issued a withdraw for Buddbudd Studios ' Hole in the Wall and needed a game show replacement.

Due to it being fairly easy to produce, and quality it was a great replacement. Therefore, Wheel of Fortune is now on AAK Network and airs during the daytime block.

Trivia Edit

  • Its debut reached a high of 11 viewers watching live, which was higher than The Thinking Cap debut's 7 viewer high. This is the highest amount of viewers watching live ever on AAKN.
  • Wheel of Fortune also has the highest viewer average record on AAKN so far, with an average of 10 viewers.

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