WeatherNOW is a weather network based out of the United States. Based off The Weather Channel, it is targeted towards people interested in the weather and people wanting to know the weather. It will offer weekly weather broadcasts on it's YouTube page, as well as special weather stories.

History Edit

Planning for WeatherNOW started in December 2016 when jonmar1 wanted to bring a new and unique channel to the ROBLOX community. He brainstormed many ideas, until he came up with weather. Studio construction started as soon as possible ready for the launch date of January 9th, 2017. Soon, WeatherNOW will be available on RoTV, via their Twitch livestream.

Format Edit

All WeatherNOW broadcasts will be broadcasted in high definition and will be uploaded to YouTube. Weekly weather forecasts will be uploaded to YouTube every Monday. If there is severe weather coming, there will be severe weather updates daily. There are also special weather stories that will be uploaded weekly.

Shows Edit

WeatherNOW Weekly Forecast Title

Open title for WeatherNOW Weekly Forecast

WeatherNOW Weekly Forecast (2017-present)

WeatherNOW Severe Weather Update (2017-present)

Buck's Tornados (2017-present)

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