Alternate version of the Viva2 logo, used in most circumstances related to the channel.

Viva2, also known as Viva Roblox 2 and Viva Roblox Two, is an upcoming Robloxian television channel owned by rTV Networks. The channel launched on May 17, 2017, and is the replacement for RMTEDM, which rTVN acquired through the closure of Gavent Networks on March 31, 2017. As its name suggests, Viva2 is a spinoff of Viva Roblox that is exclusive to the roTV platform.

History Edit

Viva2 originated as RMTEDM, a music channel launched by Gavent Networks in 2015 as a spinoff of RMT an exclusive to the roTV platform. On March 31, 2017, Gavent Networks closed, and rTVN acquired the majority of its channels, including RMT and RMTEDM. RMT was rebranded as Viva Roblox on April 11, 2017, and rTVN stated they had intentions to rebrand RMTEDM as a Viva channel as well; however not as a genre-based service as RMTEDM was. Multiple formats were considered during the process of repositioning RMTEDM as a Viva Roblox spinoff; among them were a UK-centric channel (making the main Viva channel US-focused) or a channel which aired some IRL content in addition to music videos.

Viva2 was officially launched on the afternoon of May 17, 2017, when rTVN finalized the channel's logo and reconfigured the RMTEDM stream to carry Viva2, using the same holding loop being used on Viva Roblox in advance of its launch. rTVN says they will have an announcement video similar to the one used to announce Viva Roblox produced at a later date. Like its predecessor, Viva2 will remain exclusive to the roTV platform.

Programming and format Edit

Viva2 is dubbed by rTV Networks owner BenzBot as an "experimental" music channel, and as a "sandbox with a base". Viva2's programming schedule is set to be less structured than Viva Roblox's, allowing Viva2 to try out potential new formats while Viva Roblox maintains a more consistent and structured schedule.

Editorially, Viva2 maintains a selection of music predominantly from the pop, indie, electronic, and alternative genres; this is both a complement and a contrast to the generally pop-based schedule of Viva Roblox. Brand design will be the same between Viva Roblox and Viva2, with the differentiation being made in schedules, promotions, and on-air bugs.

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