As a 9 year old boy, There is a right that kids should say there opinions.. so thats why i am saying it, becuase, oh forgod sake!.. Budd and Mich fighting (i havent put dragon on since he agreed he should stop fighting)

is there a reason?

You may say about "Mich wants RMC Productions" but budd just wanted Dragon to stop working with him.. First off.. Mich wanted to create the group but didnt know Budd was doing it...

Secondly..  The more BBS would compete with ROBLOX TV Studios, It would not win, stop trying.. 

Thirdly... You budd are Sir Jealous The 3th...

And, finnaly.. I have a right to say this, If you say "I thought you were a mich hater" i am no longer one.. I am trying to bring peace..

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