Seriously!, after all I've done

So, about this.. Budd fired me at BBS with NO REASON.. you agree, NO REASON.. Here's my feelings about that. I am quite sad since what I've been doing at BBN was making it better, I've made IDENTS for them, I made LOGOS, i tried to contribute to the channel so much, then the "rich" buddbudd222 fired me, How upsetting. I might as well join ROBLOX TV Studios now... or RTNG or rTVN.

Message to Budd: Good Luck seeing BBN getting unprofessional again. Message to Mich: Is there any room in ROBLOX TV Studios Message to Benz: Is there any room in rTV

If non of them doesn't accept me I might as well work on the BBC more!

I might give download links of all BBN ident I have done, so Budd will no longer use that BBN brand..

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