Hey, it's me, BenzBot, and I see that this wiki is getting a bit inactive!

I'm surprised that this is so, since there's so much more that can and needs to be posted!

Here's just a short list of some things.

  1. More on RN's history. I need some fact-checking done on the time periods, and someone's got to put up all of RN's amazing logos from the pre-me-and-new-together era.
  2. Articles on RPN and RNBC, and related. I really would like to see more on jonathanroxcp's RPN and lenned's RNBC. Let's not make this wiki feel lopsided or biased!
  3. Information for a general "Television in Robloxia" article, and articles about the various means of broadcast. I'll start on these, but you can add more content. The latter category will be titled similarly to "Livestream in the Robloxian television industry" or something, since Wikipedia has general articles on these things.
  4. More user pages! We defintely need a few more user pages on here.
  5. General updates. It's been a bit -- let's write about what has changed since last update.

Any other ideas are appreciated, these are launching points. Let's keep this wiki active!

-- BenzBot

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