Recently, three users have taken to the Wiki blog section to argue and accuse on frivolous points. The arguing and nonsense has gone on for what seems like weeks, and there is seemingly no end in sight. The fighting is toxic to both the Wiki and the industry, and it has been clogging up the Recent changes section of the home page for days, drowning out, preventing, and potentially discouraging actual, productive edits. So, due to this, I am banning the three users involved, Buddbudd222, MichaelIsGr8, and Alcatraz Martinez until the end of the day April 1st. Hopefully by then they'll have cooled off. Any disputes to this block can be made to me outside of the Wiki, but I don't see any reason why you'd dispute this because you know how you've been acting lately. Arguing without a point, as you three have, is unacceptable on this wiki, and I'm putting my foot down on this by temporarily banning you three.

Note: Buddbudd222, this ban does not cover your excessive amounts of profanity and racism; that will be dealt with after this ban is over.

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