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  • TheBenz

    On recent vandalism

    March 28, 2017 by TheBenz

    On March 28, 2017, just after midnight ET, Wiki admins became aware of a small amount of vandalism which had occured about a few hours prior. Interestingly, the vandal had managed to access and edit a number of pages previously deleted from the Wiki, as well as a few new ones. As of this blog post, the offending vandalism has been removed, and the perpetrator, known by the name of Chesse20, has been banned from this Wiki for two weeks.

    Most of the pages that were vandalized were either newly-created and irrelevant, or previously deleted, in which case they were deleted again. However, two of the newly-created pages that have been vandalized correspond to current television properties. In an attempt to turn this vandalism into a constructive…

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  • TheBenz

    Last January, the first-ever RTNG MediaCon redefined Robloxian media, setting new bars and higher standards about what these industries could achieve.

    Now, it's time to raise those bars again.

    RTNG MediaCon Winter 2017 is coming.

    And that means another opportunity for Robloxian media to truly shine; a showcase of the best and brightest, old and new, TV and film. RTNG MediaCon is a place to come together, to share, and to celebrate. For those of you who came last year, you already know what to expect and what it feels like; I hope for an even bigger, better event this year.

    But of course, RTNG MediaCon isn't a great event without you; your content, your projects, your work. And it's that time of year where it's time to get ready for Robloxian m…

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  • TheBenz

    The Roblox Television Networks Group's Film and TV Cooperative is proud to publicly announce the first ever Robloxian media convention event, RTNG MediaCon Winter 2016. MediaCon is a brand new, semi-annual event dedicated to presenting the best and brightest of Robloxia's unique and storied television and film industries for all to experience.

    However, we can't make this event as big as we would like it to be without your booths, your content, and the unique energy you, your studio, or your company brings to Robloxian media. I'll give details on all of this in a little bit.

    MediaCon is being held in a brand-new, purpose-built convention center, with numerous features and even room for some future expansion of the event. The event is centered…

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  • TheBenz

    The new Episode infobox has been released for a little bit now, but currently I see a lot of pages made just to use the Episode infobox with not enough information on the page to warrant the page's existence.

    As much as I emphasize expanding the Wiki, I feel that this is just a step too far.

    Thus, from here on out there will be some ground rules concerning usage of the Episode infobox and episode pages in general:

    1. Episode pages will now be subpages of their parent show page. For example, if the program was called ​The Tony Show and the episode was titled "Run and Pass", the page for the episode would be "The Tony Show/Run and Pass", not just "Run and Pass". This is to organize episode pages and to ease confusion, as episodes of multiple shows may…
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  • TheBenz

    Infoboxes, 2.0

    October 26, 2015 by TheBenz

    Since the start of the Robloxian TV Wiki, we've used one infobox (Infobox 2) as a sort of all-purpose infobox for everything we've needed. Now, at the dawn of the era of the new portable infobox, this is becoming increasingly cumbersome.

    Thus, starting in November, the old infoboxes will begin to be phased out across all 222 pages of the Wiki. They will be replaced by the following new infoboxes:

    • Infobox Company: For television companies
    • Infobox Productions: For production studios
    • Infobox Channel: For Robloxian TV channels
    • Infobox Show: For Robloxian TV series
    • Infobox People: For users
    • Infobox Episode: NEW for episodes of scripted series.
    • Infobox Service: A more generic infobox for services.

    Through these seven infoboxes, all of our current infobox needs …

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