Real Life Programmes

-The use of programmes from the real world, would provoke copyright infringement. This would only become a problem if you are attempting to attract a wider audience. It would also be considered "Piracy" to the United States Government.

-Using real world programming is also a deviation from the ideology of creating programming from ROBLOX, hense the "ro" in "roTV".

-With a lack of ROBLOX content, the service will become more fictional in terms of it being linked to ROBLOX.


-The idea of having it long term (24 hour services) would require automation or a dedicated operator (you).

-Multiple channels would only be possible on a unique system or with multiple accounts on a streaming website.

File Sharing

-I presume that roTV has a network of sources in contact with multiple forms however a limit is in place for file sizes on most platforms.


-If the service loses association with items on ROBLOX, it would lose the majority audience from the ROBLOX website.

-The only current source for viewers is by chance; this wiki and possibly members of groups owned by BenzBot.


Until these are overcome, the success of roTV is limited.

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