The Gavent Television Group is a ROBLOX group that is owned by MichaelIsGr8, but it was formerly owned by AGavent.

Current Information

The Gavent Television Group was formerly a group owned by AGavent, this was until it was claimed by MichaelIsGr8 on the ROBLOX website. Making it a subsidiary of the ROBLOX TV Studios™.


The current operations undergone by the Gavent Television Group are private and do not openly accept clients.


The ownership of the group was previously questioned as it was believed that there was a "legal" attachment. However, the only attachment that was with the group was the past. At one point, BenzBot had taken ownership of the group but shortly abandoned it.

  • Actions by BenzBot with GTG
  • AGavent Abandoning the Group
  • MichaelIsGr8 becoming Owner


  • This group is not associated with rTV Gavent
  • This group was formerly owned by AGavent
  • All operations previously done by this group were transferred to rTV Gavent
  • Ownership by AGavent was relinquished on 11/17/14 at 19:24 (Audit Log abandoned date) This group is now completely separate from AGavent/ rTV Gavent​

View from Michael

From My point of view, my legitimate operations of Gavent Television Group are not being accepted by BenzBot because he has no power over it and wants to be the leader. His boycott has been provoked by the biased held by BenzBot after being intertwined with rivals. 

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