On the 27th of July 2016, several editors who are present on this wiki had attended the 'after show' of an episode of 'Dragon' which is published by the infamous Buddbudd222. The content of the video was the incriminated users participating in a conversation provoking hatred towards other users.

Cover Up Features

An alleged blackmailing had occured with 48 hours of the video's initial release, which featured AGavent requesting for the video presenting him as one of the perpetrators of the verbal attack.

Alleged Perpetrators

  • jonmar1
  • DonValuta
  • DragonDipperBlossom
  • AGavent (aftermath)


  • BenzBot
  • MichaelIsGr8
  • MightyPGK
  • TheMagRblx


Although the initial video was removed, additional evidence remains in the form of twitter posts and Skype chats. 

Evidence Sources