This blog page is about the rising issue of the comparison and competition among the ROBLOX television community.

In comparison, measuring by the amount of members BBS comes in at first. However inactivity is the largest problem.

In prospective, the number of members is estimated to continue rising then hitting a stall. The number of active members are also the highest. ROFlix has the lowest amount of members however this is a matter of discussion as it may be from the recent rTV take over or simply lack of facilities.

ROX Pictures is another piece within this everlasting puzzle with a steady 103 members, the group relies on a single programme, The Jonathanroxcp Show, the group is also an affiliate of rTV.

Now finally, we get to rTV a group owned by BenzBot and is now known for it's ownership of many minor groups. This specific group ranks above ROFlix but still below any others. The cause of this is subject to speculation.

The facts of this document have been sourced by a graph created by MichaelIsGr8.

Member Statistics

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