• JordanTamated

    TRN and Suburbia News

    February 1, 2014 by JordanTamated

    Hey everyone,

    TRN has returned and I'd like to give you a small insight to what we're doing.

    First off, is Suburbia news. The first few stories are written and will be heading into production as soon as possible. The second thing I'd like to announce is that Suburbia will feature original music pieces, and after the series has finished, we intend to offer these as a download.

    We'll be talking more about Suburbia soon.

    Anyway, TRN is back and we're trying to give it a whole new lease of life. We won't be rebranding but we'll be looking at ways to improve the brand and distance it from TRN of previous years.

    Anyway, but for now, thats all we have to share and I'll be making more announcements in the coming weeks.

    - Tamated

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  • JordanTamated

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for supporting TRN so much over the last few years. We really appreciate it.

    Please click the link below to read the final TRN letter, and we do encourage you to email the special Rush Networks closure email address. ( - with the dash inbetween rushroblox and closure.)

    Thanks so much,


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  • JordanTamated

    Hi Everyone,

    Let me just introduce myself, for those new to the wiki and perhaps don't know me. I'm Tamated, I own TamatedRNetworks (TRN) and RushNetworks.

    ROBLOX is approaching it's 7th Birthday. TRN is approaching it's 3rd. However, times are changing and ROBLOX isn't as fun as it used to be. I'm approaching that age where I need to buckle down and focus on studies and school. I don't particularly find ROBLOX that interesting anymore.

    The future of TRN is undecided. There are 2 options we have been considering at Rush.

    1) Shut down TRN, all its components and sell some shows to the highest bidder. TRN will not be sold on.

    2) Continue TRN as a freelance video project. ROBLOX and Non-Roblox. Our main platform from then on would be - Pe…

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  • JordanTamated

    Hey Guys, Tam here.

    I have noticed a few false edits going around, and not naming names*, you shouldn't make false edits.

    If you spot a false edit, fix it, or report it. 

    Please DON'T false edit, and keep the wiki factual.




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