• Jonmar2019

    ROFlix is launching on January 1st, 2015! It is very exciting because when a new network launches, then new stuff comes! Ah, the new stuff. Here at ROFlix, we are preparing for our launch with many things including:

    • New Shows
    • New HQ/Studio Renovation
    • Hiring New Staff
    • Get a solid 100+ members by Feburary, 2015
    • Get a good website up by January, 2015
    • and more!

    We need your support! Do you want to help? You should help by joining our group. You can also apply for a job. You can even start your own show. We do free 1080p editing, free casting of actors & actresses, free team of professional producers/directors, and more! We also got many partners to help along the way! 

    I hope we can accomplish ALL of this by SUMMER 2015!

    Thanks for all the current support!…

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