• IiPiggy


    August 22, 2014 by IiPiggy

    iiPiggy joined ROBLOX on 4th May 2012 with the username piggyking2000. In early days of joining the site he played on "Town and City" genre games most of the time unless he was needed in the war groups/clans he joined. He made his first game when he recived BC and got around 500 visits in the first two weeks.

    After waiting for around a month he finally decided to devote his ROBLOX time to Simple and created his own group. The first few weeks growth was slow and there was no major homestore or clothing sold. Then he decided to advertise and get his friends to join. The friends he found and the ones he worked with, also later helped on his second project and many still work with him today.

    After about a month at Simple he found a base to work …

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