• I live in United States
  • I was born on February 8
  • My occupation is Owner of FRSH Inc., Dipper Fresh Entertainment, Hexahedron, etc.
  • I am Male
  • DragonDipperBlossom

    It's official that today is my departure from the Robloxian TV industry and the wiki itself, along with my friend Buddbudd222 as said in this letter:

    And it's been almost two years since I joined the industry and wiki, I joined the wiki back in April 13, 2014 under my former then-primary account JulianStickMan, and that same month back then, I joined a group named RBC Network which is now owned by MichaelIsGr8 since March 2015, I joined that group when I recieved a message from Tomtim365 (now oOMrWonderfulOo) on my now alt account dragonfruit348, telling me to join the group, and so I joined the RBC Network group.

    I was planning on two shows that one of the…

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    RMC Media Networks would like to officially announce the first annual RMC Film Festival! That's right folks, we are doing this awards ceremony to award the Robloxian movie and television industry for there hard work and their achievements for creativity and inspirations. And as we announce the nominees for the nominated and the host for the award ceremony in the next few weeks, we would like to give you some early information regarding the upcoming ceremony.

    In order to be nominated or be a nominee for the RMC Film Festival, you must submit your Robloxian movies, television show, or television movie in the comment section down below or PM DragonDipperBlossom for submission.

    If you are in the Robloxiwood industry or affiliated with Robloxiwoo…

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    Starting today we will accept more channels to our premium television service, Hexahedron Direct.

    In order for your channel to be accepted and to be implemented on HHD, please follow the option down below:

    • Like roTV, your channel must have a broadcasting platform that has a "linear-style" format. Currently, we support both Original Livestream and Ustream. However, we don't support YouTube, Vimeo,, etc.

    And if you wish for your show or movie to be in HHD's on-demand service The Mainframe (will be renamed as Hexahedron Hub in January 2016), the show or movie must be on either YouTube or Video.

    If you would like to explore HHD yourself, go to:

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    http://o r i g i n a l.l i v e s t r e a m.c o m / robloxmoviechannel  (remove spaces when typing)

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  • DragonDipperBlossom

    If you guys were unexpectingly seeing this, this is the official poster of the upcoming documentary that we are currently on production named, Uncovering : MichaelIsGr8.

    I was unable to put on the wiki article due to a issue with the Infobox format, so I put the poster on a blogpost instead.

    Uncovering:MichaelIsGr8 will show you some of the wrong doings of MichaelIsGr8 (the owner of ROBLOX TV Studios), from the threats to the Gavent Television Group naming rights scandal, stolen groups without permission or consent, impostering, etc.

    The documentary is produced by Dipper Fresh Productions with the sets made by Dipper Fresh Studios, and co-produced by Buddbudd Studios (since buddbudd222 and ItsMightyFox are the hosts of the documentary). 

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