I Buddbudd222 condemn MichaelTheGr8 for destroying my reputation farther underground in what Benzbot knows I’m trying to regain trust into my network and also the media for false stories in the past. I also condemn him for trying to prove Benz wrong when he is doing the same path like me in 2013 when I first started my own controversies and stopped because I learned from it. Only a few went up along the way after my stop in what immediately got taken care of in a day or 2. I condemn him for making a false merger but it only lasted for a few days. It is not a controversy it is history not a controversy, please get it right mich. I also condemn him for forceing me to join his group in the GTG scandle as ueing me as a tool. I finally condemn him for the allegations of the online dating scandal what never was happening at all. MichaelTheGr8 thinks he is "the gr8" person in Roblox in the TV industry but sadly no he is not "the great person" and please MichaelTheGr8 rename your self to MichaelTheH8.

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