aka Buddbudd222

  • I live in Roblox
  • I was born on May 5
  • My occupation is Independed TV Creator
  • Buddbudd2222

    Contract: Buddbudd Studios
    By: Buddbudd222
    Day: 2/17/16


    Benzbot stops ranting negative about Buddbudd222 on the RTV Wikia (If Buddbudd222 creates it himself then that's out of the window) or in roblox if he (Buddbudd222) is in a game with Benzbot. Benzbot would get 10% stake of BC (Buddbudd Corporation) and 35% stake of BBMN (Buddbudd Movie Network) and BBN News along with broadcasting the two channels. BBN it self will be given control to Benzbot in the near future.

    Buddbudd222 can have a wikia page on the RTV Wikia but would only have to be subjected to very little controversy on the chapter about the RTNG Duplicate.

    This does end the fude between Buddbudd222 and Benzbot. Contract can be renewed untill May…

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  • Buddbudd2222

    Welcome to the BBS conference.
    We film BBN programing and BBN News programing behind and off scenes.
    We are not here showing off new news shows because recently I saw the decline in cable news.
    We can thank all the lies on CNN and all others.
    Now what will we bring under production?
    We have a new show coming soon called “The Playout Room”
    The Playout Room is dealing with TV networks in real life.
    I would show the how the RTV industry would be if it was to broadcast daily.
    The name how I got “The Playout Room” was from Benzbot rTV HQ and Studio on a floor of his.
    Now there is a 5 year old script mini-series that I made in the 5th grade
    I stopped working on it because people wanted to know what I was writing.
    I do stress that if you guys try to crises …

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  • Buddbudd2222

    BBS Dissimissed For The Year

    Now in BBS this year we have did some good on its news broadcasting and bringing back old TV shows of BBN onto Youtube in what does stop at this time. We are at 105 Videos so far.

    BBN News has bade a twitter a day after the paris attack and I did re-tweet rTVN too many times :P #iconfess #justnoshame #please , I also made new logos of BBN and BBN News this year. (basically that is the 2016 logo) The pre-logo of BBN News was kind of a joke but at the same time it was not.

    I may make my own corporation Buddbudd Corporation. Mag is objecting to it because it is a spin off of his BBC and I would like to state he has his own corporation called BBC Networks. I would not put it under BBN Corporation so please don't ask. …

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  • Buddbudd2222

    BBN News needs ads

    November 13, 2015 by Buddbudd2222

    I am broadcasting BBN News on January 7, 2016. I am looking for anyone who is willing to advertise.

    The charge is R$50 for a 15 second ad

    15= R$50
    30= R$100
    45= R$150
    60= R$200
    75= R$250
    90= R$300

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  • Buddbudd2222

    My first real video

    October 15, 2015 by Buddbudd2222

    This is my very first music video and first almost professional video and there is only 1 thing in the wrong place.

    The only thing is having an arrow in a few in my clips, We as a whole know what I know what was not right and all of us know that we can not hold back and re-shoot the scenes because I do not want to go and waist 2 more days of no uploading. Therefore in a legit reason everyone makes mistakes and in this case it can be learned in a flick of the wrist (yes and im sorry benz i had to say that) but anyways in short terms, we as BBS can do more greater and be more greater.

    We WILL NOT take criticism from the left wing and right wing only those who can forgive the error are granted with amnesty and respect. (not legit president amne…

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