Uncovering:MichaelIsGr8, is an upcoming Robloxian television documentary show that is created by DragonDipperBlossom, and hosted by Buddbudd222 and ItsMightyFox. The documentary is produced by Dipper Fresh Productions and co-produced by Buddbudd Studios.

The documentary will feature BenzBot, TheMagRBLX, DragonDipperBlossom, AGavent. and Buddbudd222 (despite being the host).

The documentary is expected to be aired in mid-November or December 2015 on Hexahedron Knowledge, Crime + Mystery, XTV Mystery, and possibly RTV.

Production Edit

Production began on September 26, 2015, which includes the interviewing of TheMagRblx, BenzBot, buddbudd222, and AGavent.

Principal photography began on October 19, 2015.

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