Trouble Family was an upcoming Robloxian television series which was to air on Roblox Movie Channel. Trouble Family was going to be produced by Dragon Dipper Productions, the show was supposed to begin production around November 2014 but the project was since then scrapped due to limitations.

Plot Edit

The show is believed to be set in Pacifico, California where there is a glistening beach, with unflavored saltwater, violence of the police of the Pacifico Police try to arrest wanted criminals and end them up in federal prison, Mike (dragonfruit348) is one of those wanted criminals, he was wanted for speeding, grand theft auto, and cruelty. But Mike is not alone, with his family of 2 brothers Harry (sonic50588) and Josh , 2 teenage sisters Iris and Karen, and a mother of the 5 kids Blossom and father Keith there also wanted due to a connection of Mike's wanted award.

History Edit

Trouble Family is the second show that has existed since the start of RoFlix, The show has been rated (PG) due to less violence and dialouge settings. Starting with the new episodes will be in late 2014 or early 2015 due to listing and producing times, all episodes will feature RTRS ratings and studio credits as authorized by the Roblox Television Networks Group.

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