Top 10 Topper (stylized as TOP10TOPPER) is a countdown music series created by AGavent, originally for his network RMT. The show counts down a "top ten" list of songs, organized by a different theme or genre each episode. The series was announced by RMT, along with a studio and logo, on January 26, 2015. The series was expected to premiere on February 29, 2015. On January 3rd, 2017, Gavent Networks announced that the host of Top 10 Topper would be jonmar1, and that filming would begin in summer 2017, with an expected premiere in fall 2017.

Due to the closure of Gavent Networks in March 2017, and the rebranding of RMT to Viva Roblox in April 2017, the future of Top 10 Topper is currently unknown.


Episode Genre YouTube Release Air Date
S1E1 Throwback Fall 2017 N/A
S1E2 Disney Songs Fall 2017 N/A
S1E3 Christmas Favorites (ft. AGavent) Winter 2017 N/A
S1E4 Hits of 2017 Winter 2017 N/A

Episodes past Episode 4 haven't been determined yet.

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