The Thinking Cap is a Robloxian comedy series that debuted on June 26, 2017 on AAK Network, hosted by AwesomeAlexK. It pokes fun at many real-life and ROBLOX events and celebrities in the style of a satirical talk show. The show was initially set to premiere on the channel's Greenex late night block, but since AAKN itself needed a debut original show, that plan was changed. The show is currently the only AAKN show to carry a "13" rating.

Premise Edit

AwesomeAlexK, nicknamed "The Thinking Cap" due to his outfit, is depicted as a desperate-for-attention, insecure, shy person who later finds out his talent and mind. He finds out that he entertains many viewers, so he becomes a confident comedian later in the series.

The show usually starts in about a 5-10 minute monologue where AwesomeAlexK begins by describing what happened on the day, then continuing to poke fun at celebrities or people in general. After the monologue, Alex continues on an inside look on current events. Near the end, Alex goes home and watches TV (which you can see what he is watching) and then makes comments. The show usually ends in a farewell and blessing to the viewers.

It currently has one season with eight episodes. On July 12, 2017, AAK Network renewed the show for a second season.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

Episode Name Air date Notes
1 Pilot June 26, 2017 N/A
2 The One Who Stood Up June 27, 2017 featuring NFSMostWanted2005
3 Kardas**tans, Questos and Creamers June 30, 2017
4 It All Goes in the Family July 4, 2017 featuring BuddBudd222
5 Adventuring in an Online Dater's Natural Habitat July 6, 2017 feauturing "Kasey" and an interview with nathanthefox
6 ROBLOX On-The-Game Interview July 10, 2017
7 Politically Correct July 11, 2017
8 LIVE Finale July 14, 2017 Aired live at the Renegade Auditorium, recorded versions available

Season 2 Edit

Episode Name Air Date Notes
Teaser Season 2 Teaser - 10 minute short shown on AAK Network.
1 Guess Who's Back August 31, 2017 featuring JTV

Trivia Edit

  • The original episode/concept of the show, known as "The Second Try", was scrapped and samplers recommended the show not air on AAKN at all due to an offensive joke made about Obama and Trump. The producers made another pilot of the show to avoid controversy.
  • The show was originally going to air on Greenex at a 7PM slot.
  • The show's pilot was aired on Ultimate Driving's Newark in a private server, however most other episodes are aired in a private room which is in an upcoming club made by AwesomeAlexK.
  • It is the only AAKN show to have a "13" rating.
  • There are two versions of episode 2, however, the first was edited due to change of events and "not aligning with AAK Co's values".

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