The Lemon Show is a British Robloxian talk show hosted by SuperLemonade, and co-hosted by AGavent beginning in season 2. It is the successor to his previous show Newcastlefan. The show came out of both newcastlefan118's name change to SuperLemonade and a desire to reboot Newcastlefan.

Originally, the series was titled #Lemon and featured two separate ten-minute interviews, or, at times, one interview and one game review. The series was originally launched as #Lemon on May 23, 2014, but was retooled into The Lemon Show in January 2015. On February 9, 2 additional episodes were ordered of The Lemon Show, increasing the total episodes per season to 8.

On July 26, 2015, after a successful first season, RN ordered a second season of The Lemon Show, scheduled to air in early September 2015. On August 1, 2015 it was confirmed that AGavent would join TLS as a co-host after becoming a show regular in Season 1. Although scheduled for September 2015, the season premiere has been delayed.

Episode format Edit

In each episode, SuperLemonade usually interviews one to two guests, usually at the same time, for up to 12 minutes. He will occasionally only interview one guest, if that guest is of significance.

Episodes Edit

Episode Description

YouTube release date

Airdate Notes
S1E1 SuperLemonade interviews AGavent and Jonmar1, creators of North Florida.

February 28, 2015

S1E2 SuperLemonade interviews Jonathanroxcp, a famous Robloxian talk-show host. March 7, 2015 TBA
S1E3 SuperLemonade interviews Joe19998293, and welcomes back show regular AGavent.

March 14, 2015


SE1E4 SuperLemonade interviews LordDarknessX and Busterowen2, close friends of BenzBot and SuperLemonade, respectively. March 21, 2015 TBA Rated PG for the referencing of death.
SE1E5 SuperLemonade interviews BenzBot, a close friend and owner of rTV Networks. March 28, 2015 TBA
SE1E6 SuperLemonade interviews RoyalFlurri and welcomes back AGavent, and surprise guest Busterowen2. April 4, 2015 TBA Rated PG for mild language and mild violence.
SE1E7 SuperLemonade interviews Buddbudd222, a TV network owner and subject of many controversies. April 11, 2015 TBA

SuperLemonade interviews brtsoldier, the owner of Premium Outlets, a popular mall group.

April 18, 2015 TBA
SE2E2 SuperLemonade & AGavent interview MightyPGK, owner of Mighty Networks TBA TBA