The Garde Theater (formerly The Mafia Films Theatre) is a Robloxian movie theater developed and operated by DonValuta. The theater is used to hold special events in the Robloxiwood community such as premiere screenings or award ceremonies. It is the only notable film community theater to charge patrons Robux for admission.


The Garde Theater was originally ran under The Mafia Films under the name The Mafia Films Theatre. At the theater, special events would be held for audience members, primarily premiere screenings of feature films as well as announcements on the next company production. The venue is built to sustain a full mega server of people, as well as holding award ceremonies. When the Neo-Avant Institution became CosimoValuta's main company, The Mafia Films Theatre was switched over to The Garde Theater name. The theater has the capability of being rented out to third party companies if the interested party contacts DonValuta.

Version 1Edit

The first version of the theater was originally ran under The Mafia Films name, but didn't have very many tools and accessories that attendees could use. There was no ticket counters inside the theater or posters on the walls. Eventually, under the NAI control, the theater began to be reshaped with trees outside, a red carpet leading into the building, and picnic tables with refreshments to let attendees relax in luxury. 

Version 2Edit

Version 2 is the contemporary version of The Garde Theater, as it has ticket booths supplied by ChildOfGiotto, better lighting, more sophisticated materials for the structure of the building, no trees with the grass replaced with concrete and the baseplate shortened to only have enough space for the picnic tables and photoshoot areas. More posters were added outside and inside the building as well as fixing minor lighting issues.

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