The Chronicles of Slum Village is a Robloxiwood comedy series directed by BishopRemedy. The series premiered on September 19, 2015, and episodes are available on the Ape Pictures YouTube channel. The series relies heavily on satire and random humor which the creator of the series believes some viewers may find offensive.


The series focuses on a 12 year old Caucasian boy named Anthony and his friends "The Yeet Family". After Christopher Columbus had colonized parts of America and enslaved the Native Americans, a group of slaves escaped from the Spanish Conquistadors on a boat and had discovered an island near Cuba. They settled there and decided to name their settlement "Slum Village". Slum Village had been involved in a number of the great wars of the 20th century, including World Wars I and II, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War, which creating an island of turmoil and debt. Anthony is usually the one who is gone to for help when a problem occurs in Slum Village because Slum Village is his home, no matter how abnormal it is to him. The Yeets are the largest family in the village, with eight people. What makes them so special is that they have a lighter tint than most of the people in Slum Village, and they hold the last name of the praised religion of The Yeet Gods.


The series was filmed by BishopRemedy, script written by Xescian and others, and voice acted by BishopRemedy, Xescian, solticex, BobbyYeet, juliettt, and tenchisensei.


  • BishopRemedy as Isaiah Yeet and Mishka Yeet
  • Xescian as Lance Yeet
  • solticex as Xavier Yeet
  • BobbyYeet as Bobby Yeet and Zack Yeet
  • juliettt as Juliet Yeet
  • tenchisensei as Anthony

Episodes Edit

Season 1Edit

Episode Title Release
1 Pilot September 18, 2015
2 Blast To The Past September 25, 2015
3 New Girl October 2, 2015
4 Got Some Change? October 9, 2015
5 Run, Run, Fiona! October 18, 2015
6 Let It Rip! February 26, 2016

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