The Best Game is an upcoming Robloxian place review program on Gavent Network, reviewing various Roblox games. The series has yet to be produced, but 8 episodes have been ordered from Gavent Network.


The show was announced sometime in 2012, during the dawn of AGTV. The studio lot there consisted of various 4x4 blocks on one wall, and the logo's colors on the others. In 2014, the show was revived, and the set was rebuilt in the upcoming Gavent Television Group Headquaters. On Febuary 16, 2014, AGavent asked PlaceCheckers101 to host, and he accepted the same day.


The series has no episodes currently produced, but 8 episodes have been scheduled for production. Unlike competing shows Placejumping or PlaceView, the places to be reviewed have already been decided long before filming. AGavent and PlaceCheckers101 already attempted to film, but they never finished, because AGavent's laptop died in the middle of production.

Season, Episode No. in Series Place reviewed in episode Production finished GN airdate
1,1 1 Welcome to Venezia N/A N/A
1,2 2 Roblox Point N/A N/A
1,3 3 Murder Mystery N/A N/A
1,4 4 Club Crown N/A N/A
1,5 5 Robloxity N/A N/A
1,6 6 Simon Says 2.0 N/A N/A
1,7 7 Aurora Falls N/A N/A
1,8 8 Aurora Falls: Ultimate Adventure N/A N/A