The BenzBot Show, sometimes abbreviated to TBBS, is a Robloxian Ellen replica talk show broadcast on rTV. The series is currently on an indefinite hiatus, with one episode already produced. While the channel is already confirmed for rTV and its upcoming talk show-based sister network rTV2, it is unknown whether or not a full season or any further episodes will ever be made.

History and formatEdit

The series started in August 2012, in the midst of the popularity of Ellen replica talk shows that have gained popularity on Roblox. On the program, host BenzBot interviews popular and interesting people, usually two per episode. Several episodes worth of monologues and guest interviews were recorded, however, only one episode has been made from them. A host-run fan group exists for the show, to make it similar to RPN's The Jonathanroxcp Show, but it is generally inactive.

Unlike its competitors, the show does not adhere to its source material as much, but not as little as Newcastlefan does. The show uses an older version of the Jonathan set, which was released as a free model. BenzBot then made his own changes to the set, removing all of the scripts and changing the doors, signage, and some parts of the set to make it more up-to-date with the current Ellen show at the time.

The series was originally planned to broadcast three days a week, Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, from its own channel, with a slight delay between that and the rTV broadcast. Programming was set to begin on September 12, 2012, but this schedule was eventually cancelled. Eventually, one episode was produced, with several more, including a birthday episode set for the premiere week, planned, but these clips were recorded yet never made into episodes. As time passes, it seems less likely that TBBS will film more content or create more episodes from its existing content, as rTV Networks focuses on other programming and launches.