Tamated is a ROBLOX player who has owned a number of companies, past and present, most notably TamatedRNetworks.


Tamated joined in December 2010, after a referral from a real-life friend. He started off making games, however, he somewhat failed at it. Then, in January 2011, he created TamatedRNetworks under the original group name, "Have your own TV Show!" 

In 2011, he met Kian667, and he eventually became co-owner of TRN.

Tamated took a break from ROBLOX in January 2012, and returned in December 2012, pending a major relaunch of TRN in January 2013.

Tamated left ROBLOX in August 2014.

Outside ROBLOXEdit

Tamated is a huge fan of Skrillex and various other electronic artists. Tamated likes Xbox more than PlayStation. He owns an Xbox One.