Talker is a Robloxian television network focusing on talk shows. The channel is owned by Lava Lamp Entertainment and was initially set to be exclusive to the company's Amicable service. However, it was later announced that RoTV would carry the service as well, and it was later added to 3view, SmartTV, and BBS Player.


Talker was formulated as soon as Lava Lamp began as a company on October 28, 2016. However, the company did not take an active approach to developing Talker other than securing syndication rights to multiple shows on the channel's lineup. Following the acquisition of Dragon, the channel took a backseat as Lava Lamp began focusing on other channels in their portfolio such as Destination Robloxia and FMC.


Talker's programming, like that of chief rival rTV2, will consist of talk shows. The network is currently set to run encores of Harmony's Willow as well as reruns of RN's The Lemon Show, rTV's Gavent, RMC's Dragon and RBC Network's Talk and Toast.

Dragon disputeEdit

Buddbudd Corporation licensed Dragon for airing on the network, however due to disputes between Buddbudd Corporation and creator of the show Overwxtched it became unknown if the show will actually air on the network. The dispute was quickly resolved and on April 18, 2017, Lava Lamp announced that Dragon would air.