This is an upcoming premium TV service. The website is not up yet.

TCA Player is an upcoming Robloxian premium television service owned by TheCanadianAskew43. The service began on July 6, 2017 with 5 channels: TCA One, AAK Network, RTV, Blox News Network and Rnetwork. Today it currently has plans to carry twenty channels, five channels ahead of the now defunct DigiBLOCKS. The layout is based on the one of Sky TV New Zealand (even though it isn't a Pay TV Service). The service's inspiration were: RoTV, Amicable and BBS Player.

Channels Edit

Current Edit

Categories of channels Edit

These are what kinds of channels are on the channel list:

  • 1-11: General Entertainment and Gaming
  • 13-14: Movies
  • 16: Sports
  • 18-19: News and Documentaries
  • 21-24: Children

Channel List Edit

By channel number, according to the service:

  1. TCA One
  2. - (This spot is proposed for TCA Two)
  3. rTV
  4. AAK Network
  5. Rnetwork
  6. BBS Channel
  7. Talker
  8. Joystick
  9. Viceland*
  10. DigitalTV*
  11. Satellite*
  12. -
  13. FMC
  14. Harmony
  15. -
  16. Lava Sports 1
  17. -
  18. Blox News Channel
  19. Player News*
  20. -
  21. Boomerang
  22. Cartoon Everything
  23. KawaiiTV
  24. C-TCA
  25. -

*Channel part of the Player Channels

Planned Edit

  • TCA Two: A TCA Two channel is purportedly in development. TCA however, is thinking he should, and will announce his decision on 1 August 2017.

Former Edit

Player Channels Edit

Player Channels are a upcoming list of exclusive channels only available on TCA Player. They will be similar to RoTV's RoChannels, just channels not branded under the service name. So far, channels 9, 10, 11 and 19 are being used by these channels. Here is a list of all the planned channels.

Player Channels

Confirmed channels will be marked in bold.

Player Channels 2

Also please note that DigitalTV is shown on screen as Digital TV.

  • 9: Viceland
  • 10: Sattelite
  • 11: DigitalTV
  • Player Movies Premiere
  • Player Movies Classics
  • Player Movies Greats
  • Player Movies Action
  • Player Movies Extra
  • Player Movies Pop-Up (Pop-Up Channel Selection)
  • Player Sports Channel
  • 19: Player News (styled as Player News Network or PNN)
  • Pop (the Robloxian version of the British kids channel)

Channel numbers subject to change.

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