TCA Player is an upcoming Robloxian premium television service owned by TheCanadianAskew43. The service began on July 6, 2017, initially carrying 5 channels: TCA One, AAK Network, rTV, Blox News Channel, and Rnetwork. Currently, it has plans to carry forty-seven channels, which would make it the fourth-largest service by channel count (1 channel behind BBS Player). Interestingly, the service layout is set to be based that of Sky TV in New Zealand (a different source of inspiration compared to other providers). The service's inspiration were the three other major players in this field: RoTV, Amicable and BBS Player.

Channels Edit

Current Edit

Categories of channels Edit

Categories Edit

These are what kinds of channels are on the channel list:

  • 0: Preview
  • 1-5, 7-12, 14-18: General Entertainment and Gaming
  • 13: Talk Shows
  • 20-25: Movies
  • 29-30: Sports
  • 32-35: News and Documentaries
  • 37-43: Children's Shows
  • 45-51: High Definition Channels
  • 53: Music
  • 55-56: International
HD Channels Edit
  • 43-47: General Entertainment
  • 48: News and Documentaries
  • 49: Children's Shows

Explanation of Channel List order Edit

The channel order is the same as many TV services in New Zealand. The first channel is numbered 001, the second channel is 002 and so on. The service channel order will be like this: Channels 1, 2 15, 16 and 17 will be owned by TCA Worldwide, channels 3-14 will be used for general entertainment and talk shows as well as gaming etc.

Channel List Edit

Please note Player Movies Pop-Up could have it's name changed.

By channel number, according to the service:

  • 0: Player Preview
  1. TCA1
  2. TCA2
  3. rTV
  4. AAK Network
  5. Rnetwork
  6. -
  7. Harmony
  8. Joystick
  9. Viceland*
  10. DigitalTV*
  11. Satellite*
  12. JTV
  13. Talker
  14. JTVLive
  15. TCA Box Sets
  16. TCA3 (coming soon)
  17. TCA4 (coming soon, will timeshare with C-TCA)
  18. - (A possible spot for JWR Network)
  19. -
  20. Player Movies Premiere*
  21. Player Movies Classics*
  22. Player Movies Greats*
  23. Player Movies Action*
  24. Player Movies Extra*
  25. Player Movies Pop-Up*
  26. -
  27. -
  28. -
  29. Lava Sports 1
  30. Player Sports Channel*
  31. -
  32. Blox News Channel
  33. Player News*
  34. TCA News
  35. AAK News
  36. -
  37. Boomerang
  38. Pop*
  39. Cartoon Everything
  40. KawaiiTV
  41. C-TCA (timeshares with TCA4)
  42. Boing
  43. - (A possible spot for JWR Kids)
  44. -
  45. TCA1 HD
  46. TCA2 HD
  47. TCA Box Sets HD
  48. TCA3 HD
  49. TCA4 HD
  50. TCA News HD
  51. C-TCA HD
  52. -
  53. FMC
  54. -
  55. TCA Canada
  56. TCA America

*Channel part of the Player Channels

Planned Edit

  • TCA2: A TCA2 channel is purportedly in development. TCA however, is thinking he should, and will announce his decision on 1 August 2017.
  • TCA Box Sets: A channel named TCA Box Sets, which is to be launched on 1 August 2017, will be a channel that broadcasts repeats comedy series from TCA2 and action and drama series outside TCA1's generalist lean. The channel is planned to launch on channel 15 (normal) and channel 42 (HD). As of August 20, 2017, the channel is already carried on roTV.

Former Edit

  • JWR Network: TCA Worldwide had asked the owner of JWR Network if the channel could be carried on TCA Player. Pressure from Buddbudd Corporation and AAK Media and Broadcasting Co. threatening to pull out of the provider if JWR Network is aired(due to recent scandals) forced TCA to retract the proposal. Talks are now in place on whether or not JWR Network should be carried on TCA Player as well as JWR Kids.
  • BBS Channel: The channel was pulled on 14th November 2017, due to an announcement from Buddbudd Studios.

Player Channels Edit

Player Channels are a upcoming list of exclusive channels only available on TCA Player. They will be similar in concept to roTV's formerly-planned roChannels, and cover some of the same genres the roChannels intended to (for example, Pop and ro2). So far, channels 9, 10, 11 and 19 are being used by these channels. Here is a list of all the planned channels.

Player Channels

Confirmed channels will be marked in bold.

Player Channels 2

Also please note that DigitalTV is shown on screen as Digital TV.

  • 9: Viceland
  • 10: Sattelite
  • 11: DigitalTV
  • 13: Player Movies Premiere
  • 14: Player Movies Classics
  • 15: Player Movies Greats
  • 16: Player Movies Action
  • 17: Player Movies Extra
  • 18: Player Movies Pop-Up (Pop-Up Channel Selection)
  • 26: Player Sports Channel
  • 29: Player News (styled as Player News Network or PNN)
  • 32: Pop (the Robloxian version of the British kids channel)

Channel numbers subject to change.

On-Demand Edit

These are the confirmed (so-far) on-demand services available on TCA Player:

  • iTCA - TCA1, TCA2?, C-TCA, TCA News
  • -

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