SuperLemonade is a Robloxian player who is fairly heavily involved in the Robloxian television and media industry. He joined on December 24, 2008, and previously operated from grottah, his old and alternate account. He is most notable for founding Roblox Networks, the first official Robloxian television channel and media conglomerate. In December 2013, he celebrated half a decade on Roblox. He is currently a Builders Club member.


Like many users, Newcastlefan played other online games before finding Roblox. His most notable presences were on Habbo Hotel and Club Penguin, with his former, now-closed accounts having many fans. He joined Roblox in the summer of 2008 under his previous account, Grottah. He has been a fairly active Roblox player, although two notable hiatuses have occured, one during 2010 and another during 2013.

Ever since he joined, he has gathered interests in Robloxian malls, Big Brother UK, and television networks. In 2008 he founded two groups, the Big Brother fan club which lasted until 2011, and NC118, which was changed to become the official Roblox Networks group later that year. Roblox Networks Television was founded in the summer of 2008, on his old account Grottah, and was not an official group until 2008, kicking off the trend of Robloxian television companies.

In 2011, rTV Networks founder BenzBot private messaged SuperLemonade (newcastlefan118 at the time) about helping with the branding for Roblox Networks. he created designs for the service, and his designs have become the most notable look of the network. The look lasted until March 2013.

In 2013, Newcastlefan118 took a break from Roblox, due to heavy amounts of schoolwork, and returned the following month due to requests and messages.

On October 24, 2013, Exactly 56 months after he joined Roblox, he changed his name to SuperLemonade to reflect his growing presence on other gaming sites under that name. Generally, the criticism from the name change has been negative, as many people disagree with the new ability to change usernames at a user's discretion.