SomberGem, started in January 2017 as Founder of one of many BBC's. He mainly done BBC Breakfast, and special broadcasts from Parkdean Resorts.

In August 2017, he discovered BBC Robloxia and decided to join them. At the next Admin Elections, he won and became admin.


Programme Time Broadcaster Notes
Somber! 2017-2018 RBC N/A
Admin Elections 2018 RBC Guest Host
BBC Breakfast 2017-2017 BBC N/A
BBC News 2017-2017 BBC N/A
ITV News 2017-Present ITV N/A
This Morning 2017-Present ITV N/A
Cool News 2017-2017 Cool TV N/A
Afternoon Talk 2017-Present Buzz! Previously on Cool TV
Mornin' 2017-Present Buzz! Previously on Cool TV
RBC News 2017-2018 RBC/Buzz! N/A
Dining With 2018 RBC Guest