Robloxian media is a term currently coming into use to describe the combined fields of Robloxian television and Robloxian film (also dubbed "Robloxiwood"). The term Robloxian media industry generally refers to these two industries jointly. While it has been suggested that Robloxian comedy producers, generally not a part of Robloxiwood, and Video Creations with Roblox members are also part of the Robloxian media industry, usually the term "Robloxian media" refers solely to Robloxian television and the Robloxiwood film scene.

The term is growing in popularity due mainly to the work of the Roblox Television Networks Group's Film and TV Cooperative, which works to help the film and television industries collaborate. The term was proposed to refer to both industries together, in the eye of the wider whole of Robloxia and in terms of inter-industry relations.

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