Robloxia News Cast is the official news department for the ROBLOX TV Studios™, that provides international news and weather. They had formerly only provided short news bulletins and additional news via a small set and RNC World Today, but now have various programmes which appear in a rotation every two weeks - one month. The group is the successor of World Comedy News.


Robloxia News Cast was the second news department for the ROBLOX TV Studios™, after World Comedy News, it had originally been based in a single studio which was little and could house very little. It has since been upgraded to having several individual sets for each monthly show.


The source of Robloxia News Cast is a well-known news channel that is also in association with the group, as well as the style in logo.


Robloxia News Cast's central theme is a globe, to represent its world news, and it is visible in each of the programmes that are provided.


Robloxia News Cast's programming is directly commissioned by the ROBLOX TV Studios™ as they hold all rights due to the group being a full subsidiary. The studios feature locations from all over the world, to meet a global audience, such as Newsday from Singapore and London, and Internal Source in Sydney.

Newsday Titles00:18

Newsday Titles

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