Roblox is Off Their Rockers! is an upcoming Robloxian television series, to be broadcast on rTV during its 2014 relaunch. The show features a group of Robloxians playing practical jokes on other, unsuspecting Robloxians.


The series' idea originated in late 2013, as BenzBot had watched two of the IRL versions of the format. He thought that, with some tweaking, it would be a good show for Robloxian audiences. Originally, the show was planned to be on rTVN's teen channel Rnetwork, however, the show moved to rTV in February 2014 due to the dwindling number of original series premiering on that channel.


The general format of the show consists of one or a few of the show's "prank crew" entering Roblox game servers at random and using pre-written scripts and comments to play jokes on random, unsuspecting Roblox players.

The show is based off of the American and British versions of the Belgian format Benidorm Bastards, which are titled Betty White's Off Their Rockers and Off Their Rockers , respectively. Jokes performed on this Robloxian version are said to be similar to these versions, but altered or changed completely to comply with the limitations of Robloxian places.

Production historyEdit

So far, not much has been done for this show, with rTV Networks rather favoring to work on other series such as @TheIronCafe and Tegan. rTVN says that a casting call for this and a number of its other scripted shows will begin during March 2014.