The Roblox Networks Headquarters, more commonly known as the RN HQ, is the central campus and main headquarters of Roblox Networks Television. The place contains multiple different buildings that all serve differing purposes within the group and over the years has seen multiple different alterations as the group has evolved.

Overview Edit

The place contains the head offices for Roblox Networks Television. The headquarters have existed since soon after the group's creation and has seen many changes that fall into one of 5 categories. The headquarters, since 2013, have also contained the main production facilities for RN programmes like PlaceView and The Lemon Show.

Version 1 Edit

The first version of the RN consisted of a series of low lying studio buildings that surrounded a large grassy courtyard. Initally, there was only 4 studios within the complex were accessed through a series of glass tubes that liked to the main lobby building, but by the time the HQ was retired in early 2012 the complex had been expanded beyond recognition, as in late 2011 the left half of the complex was demolished to make way for a large theatre that hosted RN events and meetings. Because the group had expanded beyond recognition in 2011, the decision to rebuild the RN HQ was met with little opposition as the previous iteration was no longer fit for purpose.

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