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June 15th 2014 Current Form

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Los Angeles, California

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 RoFlix Productions, formerly ROflix, is a television group based on ROBLOX and is an operating subsidiary of the ROBLOX TV Studios™.


RoFlix had faced several branding schemes, all of which had failed under the administration of Jonmar1.

As RTNEdit

RTN was created in 2012 by DeMarkay, but then closed short after. The key features of the group were that it was based upon a real-life network (Retro Television Network). After a short-lived run, Jonmar1 is claimed to have 'purchased' the group and then re-launched it in mid-2013; this was proven to be a flop and transferred in early 2014 to REN.

As RENEdit

The second incarnation of the company was introduced in early 2014 as REN, standing for ROBLOX Entertainment Network. Core programming of the new group was entertainment news and general entertainment; this group was again short-lived as it had ceased operations within four months of launching.

As ROFlix

REN had proven to be unsuccessful and was again replaced by ROFlix, which was shut down in early 2015 by Jonmar1. It had limited programming, membership, leadership and success - having a peak of 48 members after one year. The only building ever to be built under this brand was intended to be based in Pasedena, California.

As rTV Networks RoFlixEdit

Succeeding ROFlix for only two months, rTV Networks RoFlix was intended to be an autonomous affiliate of rTV Networks. This was then replaced with ROFlix until its closure.

As RoFlix Productions Edit

RoFlix Productions is the newest and current incarnation of the RoFlix brand, being created in 2014 by Buddbudd222 and then a purge attempt was made by Jonmar1. It has since then been incorporated into the ROBLOX TV Studios™ as an individual department.


All productions which are currently undertaken by RoFlix are produced in-association with other companies and are restricted to certain categories due to the nature of its representative department. However, they do have a headquarters and small studio which are supposedly based in Los Angeles, California.


As with the original companies, RoFlix has kept an all-blue colour scheme.


RoFlix Productions is at its programming infancy and have the following under it's brand.

Current ProgrammingEdit

  • The Real Jon - a spin-off investigation programme investigating the cross-dressing activities of the owner which had plunged the group into disrepute (Jonmar1)

Former ProgrammingEdit

Planned ProgrammingEdit

  • The Sourest Fruit
  • Taking the Plunge
  • He is Her


Whilst under the ownership of Jonmar1, excluding a brief time under rTV Networks, many other independent television groups and members of ROFlix had noted the irregularity of planning for programmes and erradic behaviour shown by Jon. The owner had then stopped and went on a 6 month hiatus, proclaiming that he had 'quit', later returning and stating in mid-2016 that he regrets the decision.