Respawn is an upcoming Robloxian television series, set to air on Rnetwork when it launches in 2016. The series is billed as an action drama, and is being produced by rTV Productions. The series was one of the first ideas to be pitched for Rnetwork.


A man is riddled with a strange affliction that every time he dies, he is teleported and spawned at a different place and time period than he was in before. Now, he must find out how to reverse his condition without unraveling the very fabric of time itself.


Respawn was one of four original ideas for series on Rnetwork pitched at the announcement of the channel in 2012. Two of the remaining three, Lockdown and The Secret Lives of Today's Youth, have also survived the ages; however, the latter is being dropped by the network in favor of newer creation Tegan. The idea of the show is based on how when Robloxians die, they are then transported back to a "spawn point" within the game. The Robloxian slang term for this, "respawning", is the basis for the title of the show.

Writing of the pilot script began on March 14, 2014, and a casting call began on March 23, 2014, along with fellow Rnetwork series Tegan.

As of December 2015, the series' pilot, The Man With The Glowin' Gun, is still in development.