rTV Life is an upcoming Robloxian television channel owned by rTV Networks. The channel focuses on Robloxian culture and lifestyle programming.

History Edit

rTV Life stems from rTVN's acquisition of most of the properties of the former Gavent Networks on March 31, 2017, which included Knowledge, a channel focusing on educational topics. Initially, rTVN did not have a clear usage for the channel, however, following the announcement of the development of what would become Destination Robloxia in May 2017, rTV Networks owner BenzBot decided to launch a channel to compete with the new outlet. Over the course of the next few weeks, a logo was designed, and the channel was officially relaunched as rTV Life on May 26, 2017, as part of an announcement concerning all the remaining channels owned by the rTV Networks Gavent subsidiary (RMT had already been relaunched as Viva Roblox and RMTEDM had been relaunched as Viva2 prior to the announcement).

Programming and format Edit

rTV Life is positioned as a "Robloxian culture and lifestyle" channel, featuring programming on those and similar subjects. Knowledge's lone confirmed series, Buga's Studio Tutorials, already carried over from Gavent Networks' ownership of the channel, was carried over again to rTV Life. Additionally, it was also announced that the new channel would be the premium television home to rTV's place review series Placejumping, as well as unscripted series @TheIronCafe.

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