RTNG MediaCon Winter 2016 was a Robloxian convention for the Robloxian television and film industries. The event was held from January 22, 2016 though January 24, 2016 at a purpose-built event venue built by BenzBot. The event will be succeeded by the RTNG MediaCon Summer 2016 event, which was to be held in July 2016.

Preparation Edit

Preparations for the event began in late November 2015.

Event Edit

The event opened at 3:05pm ET on January 22, 2016. The event was set to open at 3:00pm ET, but finishing touches were being placed on the event up to, and after, the very last minute.

The venue unofficially closed at 12:00am ET on January 24-25, 2016; the place was reverted to paid access later in the day.

Reception Edit

The first MediaCon was well-received by attendees.

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