RTN1 (an abbreviation representing Roblox Television Network 1) is a Robloxian public broadcasting network owned by the Roblox Television Networks Group, It runs as a general entertainment network.

History Edit

Merger option (2013-2017) Edit

RTN1 originated as part of an alternative operational option for the RTNG devised by BenzBot when the RTNG was founded in 2013. The option would consist of all three RTNG primary members merging and creating a large group of networks under the RTN name, which Benz has had control of since 2013. The option was eventually shelved, due to the growth of each primary member's separate companies.

As a public broadcasting network (2017-present) Edit

Despite the merger option being abandoned, eventually BenzBot brought back up the idea of the RTN series of networks, this time however as a competitor to the Robloxian Broadcasting Exchange's public broadcasting channel Exchange. RTN1 was officially announced as a public broadcasting network on May 20, 2017, though It had been available on the roTV platform for approximately a week prior.

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