Roblox Sports Programming Network, or RSPN is a Sports program that is owned by Mighty Networks and is Available on Hexahedron Direct.

History Edit

The channel was created by MightyPGK to please sports fans. The first game to plan to be released is the Buccanneers Vs. Saints Game on Sunday, September 20, 2015. It is owned by Mighty Networks and is featured on Hexahedron Direct (Channel 112). RSPN will cover golf when the next season of the PGA Tour goes on in 2017.

The tv network will restart on October 22, 2016.

Shows Edit

  • Sunday Night Football
  • Late Night Sports
  • NCAAF Football Night
  • Top 30 Football
  • Thursday Night Football
  • Gameday Preview
  • PGA Tour coverage.
  • Roblox Racing Day!
  • RNCAAF Gameday

Though on some occasions (Super Bowl) XTV Sports plays Puppy Bowl at 1PM and Kitten Bowl on 5PM for younger viewers.

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