ROX Pictures, often referred to as simply ROX, with or without additional capitalization, is an independent Canadian Robloxian mass media company created by Jonathanroxcp. ROX operates The Jonathanroxcp Show, ROBLOX's #1 daytime talk show; and RPN, the first music television station on ROBLOX. ROX Pictures specializes in creating Robloxian versions of IRL entertainment television networks. ROX Pictures is known for creating quality content.


The first video from RoxMuvees was uploaded June 6, 2009 on jonathanroxcp's original YouTube channel. RoxMuvees produced short comedy ROBLOX clips until April 2010.


The Jonathanroxcp Show helped launch ROX Pictures. Jonathan was the first Ellen-replica on ROBLOX.

With the launch of The Jonathanroxcp Show, RoxMuvees was relaunched as ROX Pictures. The Jonathanroxcp Show made its first appearance on the last official RoxMuvees clip The WandJonathan took the ROBLOX television industry by storm as one of the most realistic television studios ever built and played a big role in the relaunch of ROX Pictures since it was the first show to be part of ROX. More shows were later partnered with ROX, which helped launch of the ROX Pictures Network. In May 2013, The Jonathanroxcp Show, which has since become the network's flagship show, and the most popular Robloxian talk show, went out of production. The Jonathanroxcp Show is still ROX's most famous asset.


ROX Headquarters, April 3, 2016. The newly branded RSN building, formerly a storage building, can be seen on the left, which will house the new "Studio J".

ROX's headquarters were originally located backstage of The Jonathanroxcp Show. Construction for a new building began in May 2013 before the Jonathan Show came to an end. RPN changed to a music station format in June 2013 and ROX officially began operating from its new building in August 2013.

On August 15, 2013, music countdown show Today's Top 5 premiered on RPN, being the first show created at the new RPN Studios at the ROX Pictures Headquarters.

As of April 27, 2018, ROX is exploring format revamps across all ROX properties to prepare for a possible transition from the legacy Ustream platform to the more modern game-oriented platform Twitch.


ROX Pictures owns the following assets:

  • RPN, the first teen-based network and music station on ROBLOX.
  • City, an entertainment television network.
  • MTV, an entertainment brand using the same name and branding from Viacom. MTV programs currently air on RPN.
  • RSN, a sports channel currently under testing.

ROX Pictures also promotes Bell Media programming.



RPN's studio, as seen in a photo from Twitter.

The ROX Pictures headquarters, located across the ROX Pictures Studios, are designed to be one of the most advanced and innovative media complexes on ROBLOX. The building is the home of RPN, MTV, City, and RSN. The ground level of the building houses multiple studios including two separate street front studios with giant glass sliding partitions that can be opened to the streets. The street front studio that is nearest the street corner belongs to RPN, while the second has had multiple changes over the years.

The headquarters are attached via a bridge to a separate building, Digital Centre 2, home of additional ROX operations, mainly RSN.

On March 23, 2018, major renovations and upgrades began inside the main ROX building.

Building tenantsEdit

Ground floorEdit


Tenant Years active Description Street-front?
RPN 2013-present RPN's main studio Yes
City 2014-present City's main studio No


Tenant Years active Description / reason for closure Street-front?
WM / RPN2 2013-early 2014 The Monkey Show studio, closed due to inactivity. Yes
Much & MTV May 2014-December 2014 Studio for Much-branded content, shared with MTV. Closed to remove the Much brand from ROX. After the closure, the space was opened to the public for a short while. Yes
RSN 2015-2018 Sports network test studio closed and moved as part of renovations and expansion Yes

Second floorEdit


Tenant Years active Description
RPN 2013-present roTalk studio
MTV 2014-present RPN2's former studio, rebranded
RSN 2018 Digital Space 2


Tenant Years active Description / reason for closure
RPN2 2013-2014 Main studio. Abandoned due to RPN2's merge with City. MTV is now in the process of moving into the studio and has chosen not the change the studio design, except for replacing the logos.
City 2014 Flake. studio, closed due to the host's inactivity.
Gavent Network Early 2014 Gavent studio, closed due to disputes between GN and ROX.
RSN 2015-2018 Larger test studio for "RSN on RPN", closed as part of renovations and RSN expansion.

Bridged building: Digital Centre 2Edit


Tenant Years active Description
RSN 2016-present Network studio, under construction