ROFlix Investigates was a ROBLOX-based investigation programme which was originally due to be released in early 2015, production had stalled as a result of a hiatus created by the absence of the show's creator - Jonmar1.

The original production companies were due to be Gavent&Company and ROFlix, now known as RoFlix Productions.

History Edit

Coinciding with the purchase of ROFlix by rTV Networks, ROFlix has dropped many of its current shows to create a new lineup for January 2015. Many shows including Jonmar Live and Late Night with Place were dropped, as many new shows were added like Trouble Family and ROFlix Investigates.

Once the acquisition of ROFlix by the ROBLOX TV Studios™ was completed, the show was not commissioned and never produced.

Planned Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • Episode 1 (Pilot): AGavent will investigate the controversial topics of Buddbudd Studios & its owner, Buddbudd222.

Related ProductionEdit

As the show was designed to be a flagship for ROFlix, the succeeding incarnation of the group had instead commissioned a similar spin-off programme detailing the hidden identity of Jonmar1's cross-dressing personality.

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