RN Music was an online music service offered from the site, which offered, from 2010 to 2011, a weekly chart update, as well as popular music videos provided by VEVO.


The site featured the following:

  • Online Webshows
  • Weekly Updated Charts
  • Music videos
  • Complations


  • CHARTLive
  • HitPLAY
  • Decades of Pop
  • Decades of Rock
  • Decades of Funk
  • Decades of Classic


In September 2011, RN was renamed Roblox Channel, and as part of the rebrand all RN services aside from the website and the main channel were closed down, as they did not fit with the network rebrand. There was at one point a plan to revive the site as a music channel during 2012, but the plans were scrapped before any major action took place.

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