RN Digital Productions is a Robloxian production company overseen by SuperLemonade and BenzBot. The company produces The Lemon Show, Newcastlefan and PlaceView on behalf of Roblox Networks Television.

Television series produced by RN Digital ProductionsEdit

The Lemon Show Edit

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The Lemon Show is a British Robloxian talk show, that premiered on February 28, 2015. It is created as the successor of Newcastlefan, and will run for 8 episodes a season. On February 20, it was announced that a second season will be produced, with AGavent joining as a co-host.


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Newcastlefan is a British Robloxian talk show, premiering on October 27, 2011. The program ran for three seasons, but, as is the norm with British television, only a few episodes are produced each season (compared to the twenty-plus episode runs of American series).


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PlaceView is a British place review show hosted by SuperLemonade, premiering on July 3, 2013. The program focuses on one place per show, in which Super tours and rates. The show ran for 8 episodes before being cancelled on June 24, 2014. It was later revived for an 8-episode second season in 2015. PlaceView is similar to another series from Super, Newcastle Reviews, which aired during the Rchannel Era of what is now RN.

Saturday Talk Edit

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Saturday Talk is a British/American talk show, which is to be hosted by SuperLemonade and AGavent, alongside a number of guest hosts. The series originated as Saturday with SuperLemonade and AGavent in 2015, but remained dormant until January 2016, when the name and format was changed, and is set to premiere in late 2016.