RNFL Network was an upcoming joint-venture football channel owned by rTV Networks Gavent and the Roblox Nations Football League, with the former having majority. The channel would have been similar to NFL Network IRL. The channel was planned to feature feature live football in addition to original series.


On Febuary 27, 2014, AGavent announced 3 possible channels for the then-Gavent Television Group, including RNFL Network. That day, he spoke with the owner of Roblox Nations Football League, Joey18916. After talking, AGavent launched RNFL Network the same day. The channel, was planned feature live football games and shows, and air football games made prior to the network's existence at times when there were no live games or new programming.

Since the acquisition of GTG by rTV Networks (to become rTV Networks Gavent) on November 9, 2014, the channel was incorporated into the plan for rTV Networks' upcoming sports channel, Blox Sports. Upon the launch of that channel, RNFL Network would have became Blox Sports RNFL. The RNFL's 49% ownership stake will remain in place for the renamed channel but will not extend to the main Blox Sports network.


Proposed logo for the channel as Blox Sports RNFL.

AGavent invoked the network's name change to Blox Sports RNFL early on January 24, 2015, as he tried to acquire a stake in ROX Pictures' upcoming sports channel RSN. In practice, the subsidiary's parent rTV Networks still called the channel RNFL Network with the notice that the name change is pending, and both names were being used to reference the channel in various materials in the final months of the channel.

rTV Networks Gavent split from rTV Networks, which eventually led to the formation of Gavent Networks on May 23, 2015. After a few months of uncertainty over the channel's future, it was finally discussed on August 13, 2015, where the decision was made to close the channel. Broadcast rights to RNFL events are now owned by rTV Networks' Blox Sports.

In mid-May 2017, Blox Sports RNFL's Original Livestream feed was reconfigured, so that it could become a Blox Sports 2 at some point in the future. Such a channel has not been proposed or announced, but it is expected with the expansion of the Blox Sports service.


The channel would have featured live football games, as well as original shows and reruns of older football games.

RoCenter: RoCenter was a show that would have aired before and after football games. It is similar to ESPN's SportsCenter.