RN2 is an upcoming Robloxian television channel owned by Roblox Networks Television. The channel will be aimed at teenagers, similar to rTV Networks' offering Rnetwork. At one point, RNTV co-owner SuperLemonade actually stated that he wanted RN2 to be "the R[network] of RN". Little information has been released about this upcoming version of the channel, but programs such as Extremes and Dragonclan will be retransferred over to RN2 as flagship RN becomes more generalist (but still aimed younger for the moment).


Original channel (2010-March 2013)Edit


RN2's logo between November 2011 and March 2013.

The channel has existed since 2010, and the logo was changed to match the 2011 RN1 logo when BenzBot's involvement began. Originally, the network would be a variety channel, as no genre was truely set for it. Then after RN3 folded in May 2012, RN2 became RN's teenager outlet, carrying programming such as Newcastlefan ExtraExtremes, and Dragonclan, all carry-overs from RN3. In March 2013 the channel was merged with RN1 to form RN.

Rebirth and relaunch (2014-present)Edit

On January 11, 2014, Roblox Networks Television co-owner SuperLemonade discussed creating more multichannels for RN, after MixTV was launched in October 2013. The plan involved the rebirth of RNTV's two former channels, RN2 and RN3. While RN3 became a channel re-airing recent episodes of RN series, RN2 was able to keep the positioning it had before its March 2013 closure -- a teenager-aimed channel, the format it had obtained from the previous incarnation of RN3.

On March 16, 2014, several format changes were announced for the RNTV channels: First, RN, RN2, and RN3 would all go to an ad-free format, while MixTV would still broadcast advertising. Secondly, airing weeks were announced: RN would maintain its historical Thursday-Sunday lineup, while RN2 and RN3 would air Friday-Monday. MixTV would air 24/7, but air its programming blocks on Fridays through Mondays.

On March 23, 2014, conciding with RN's new stake in Gavent Television Group's FlickzAGavent announced a new block on RN2, named #GNonRN2. RN2 approved this, as a return for GTG letting RN have a stake in Flickz.


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